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This week edition of Ten on Tuesday is Ten Things to Do Outside. Granted, I am not what one would call an outdoorsy person, in fact, often, I avoid it like the plague. Part of the reason is that I grew up in Louisiana and when when I was thirty, moved to Florida. Now, if anyone knows anything about the weather in both states, then you know that we don’t have normal seasons. We have what I like to refer to as  Pleasant, Hot, Hotter than Hell and Oh God, Please Make it Stop. In Central Louisiana where I grew up, you can also add ‘wet blanket humidity’ to the last three just to make it a tad more miserable. Here in Florida, we are lucky that while we are hot, we at least get a seabreeze to knock the temps down a couple of degrees.

Anyway, these are the things I like to do when we are in the Pleasant and sometimes even the Hot seasons.

1) Taking a walk at Emerson Point. This is one of our favorite places. We like to take the dogs out there to walk and we have taken both Cindi and Freyja there for their last ‘formal’ photos before we’ve taken them back to Southeastern Guide Dogs for their formal training.

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2) The Beach. Notice this is not number one on my list, and that is for a couple of reasons. The first is snowbirds. Whenever it is remotely nice enough to go to the beach, it is generally snowbird season. Traffic is awful and people forget how to drive, so we just avoid it. When I do go, I go first thing in the morning and then leave by 11 when most people are just getting there.

Longboat Pass between Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island

Longboat Pass between Longboat Key and Anna Maria Island

3) I like to take my Kindle or a regular book to both places and just relax while listening to the water.

4) Have a picnic.

5) Swim in the pool. Right now my pool is a little too cool for me, but Freyja and Idunn love it.

Freyja and Idunn love the pool!

Freyja and Idunn love the pool!

6) Grill! I love when I can grill outside and I don’t have to do what I call ‘build a campfire in my kitchen.’ It’s nice to keep the heat outside and not inside.

7) Go the the local Farmer’s Market. Our markets for the spring will be coming to an end soon, but we do have several permanent farm stands and ‘You-Pick’ places that we can take advantage of during the summer.

8) Knit. I do knit, usually something easy outside during our winters and spring.

9) Have a cup of coffee or tea outside at a cafe while reading and knitting. (Multitasking for the win!)

10) Photography! I have tons and tons of photos from my walks, either with my photo or my regular camera. Too many to post here, but I will leave with you a few Instagram photos. (

13849537444_6ed64a581f_z 13801678355_15d3ea61ee_z 13800852134_9c454df560_z For more Ten on Tuesdays, check out the links on Carol’s Blog. 



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    Longboat pass is just beautiful. When we lived in Long Island in the Hamptons we totally avoided the beaches during the summer because of all the tourists. So I get the Snowbird frustration. I love your puppy dogs! How lucky that they have a pool to swim in.

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    I love seeing your pups in the pool! We don’t have a pool, but our two labs love swimming in our lake in Northern Michigan all summer long.

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