Ten on Tuesday–Foods that Belong Together

Carole has come with a challenging Ten on Tuesday for today. She has asked us for ten foods that belong together. First off, this topic made me hungry and second, it made me realize that some of these, I don’t make nearly often enough. Mind you, I am from Louisiana and what may go together in my mind, might make you do a double take and then shake your head at me. (It must be a food day on blogs. My pastor has a delicious recipe for sirloin tip steak over on his blog, Inspiring Generations. I need to get him to teach my husband how to cook. Maybe he can do a demo one Sunday instead of preaching, kind of like Alton Brown’s live show…anyway….)

1) Roast and rice and gravy. My mom (like her great-aunts before her) makes the best roast which she serves over rice with the roast gravy. Every time I go home to visit, she makes it for me. I swear it has to be something with the pot she makes it in. While mine is good, hers is better.

2) Blackeye peas and cornbread…(with rice, over course)  This dish isn’t just for New Years Day. I make it throughout the year. Mom usually makes it when she makes the roast, so we have roast, rice, blackeye peas, gravy and cornbread. Sometimes, I just put it all in one bowl and eat it like that. I think if I ever needed a last meal, this would be it.

3) Chili and Fritoes. Frito pie…best comfort food on a cold (or not so cold) day.

Chili, Fritos, Cheese

Chili, Fritos, Cheese








4) Brie or sharp white cheddar cheese and apples. I prefer Honeycrisp, but Granny Smith will do. This is a great snack or a light lunch in the spring/summer.

5) Bacon and eggs. Breakfast of champions.

6) Chocolate cake and vanilla icing. I love this combo, it’s weird, but it is my favorite.

7) Pretzels and Rolos.  Put a mini pretzel down, top with a Rolo, heat in a warm oven for about five minutes, while still warm, press another pretzel on top, let cool and enjoy.

8) Steak and baked potatoes. I don’t think you should ever have one without the other.

9) Chips and Salsa.  We love the ones from Chili’s.

10)  Boiled crawfish, potatoes and corn. Perfect Louisiana summer food.

Now that I am good an hungry an have made a grocery list for this week, I think I’m going to pop over to Carole’s blog and see what everyone else thinks belong together.


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