Where did Feb and March go?

Yeah, well, apparently I blinked and it’s almost April and there is nothing on the blog to show for it. I’m really sucking at this New Year’s goal of blogging regularly.  Last time I wrote, we had just taken Freyja back to Southeastern Guide Dogs for training. Well, after three weeks, we got word that she was going to be made a breeder! So we are now her breeder host, and she came home with Joel on a Monday. He didn’t tell me, just showed up with her and I was so shocked that I kept asking “is that Freyja?”   He said that my mouth dropped open and he could see all the stuff running around in my head, but I couldn’t get the words out! 😀  Keep in mind that at that time, we were hosting Marnie, a black lab, who was waiting for adoption.  On top of that, two weeks later, we brought home our newest puppy in training, Idunn (pronounced like Eden).  THREE labs and two Italian Greyhounds. It was nuts for a while!  Shortly after, Marnie found a forever home and is living with a family with three little boys who just ADORE her!

Idunn at 10 weeks on top and 16 weeks on bottom

Idunn at 10 weeks on top and 16 weeks on bottom




Freyia on the left and Idunn on the right

Freyia on the left and Idunn on the right









Three weeks ago, we made the tough decision to put Calliope, our 12 year old Italian Greyhound, asleep. She had mammary tumors for several years, but over the last few months, they started growing rapidly. On Sunday, the 9th, the largest one started bleeding and then by Wednesday night, we had made the decision that it was time. The surgery that they had suggested had a very tough recovery and as she was 12, there was no guarantee that she would wake up.  I miss her every day, but we new that it was time. Joel took her (he wouldn’t let me go) and said that it was very peaceful.  I know that Mercury was waiting for her and that they up in doggie heaven on a couch somewhere, under a pile of blankets.  That thought makes me happy. :)

We still have Bacchus as our personal dog. He is adjusting to being without Callie. He sleeps with me sometimes, but misses Amanda as he is really hers. I think when she finally moves into an apartment of her own, she will take him with her.Calliope with her 'bat girl' ears.

Calliope with her ‘bat girl’ ears.



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