Guilty Pleasures {Write Alm Day 9}

So, today’s prompt is Guilty Pleasures. While I could sit here and be all prim and proper and say that my idea of a guilty pleasure is a bubble bath surrounded by candle while drinking tea, I’m not, because I wouldn’t feel one scintilla of  guilt if I would do that. In fact, I do that sometimes just to keep myself sane. I find it so funny that when you ask some women about their guilty pleasures, they will say, something along the lines of browsing Pottery Barn catalogs or sitting down to upcycle something they got at Goodwill. (Not that there is anything wrong with those things at all…I love me some Goodwill, and I love Pottery Barn) I think a lot of women are like me, they and will never admit it.

Deep Breath….Confession Time.

My guilty pleasure is…..



I will watch pretty much any show on Bravo, with the exception of Millionaire Matchmaker and Vanderpump Rules. My favorites are the Real Housewives, but they are starting to lose me. (Let’s not even discuss the New Jersey cast)   In fact, right now, I am watching Courtney Loves Dallas while sitting here with a facial mask on my face. Fun times in the Clark house!

The show that got me hooked on Bravo was Project Runway (then it moved to Lifetime and has never gotten their swagger back). I love, love, love Top Chef. I’ve actually, learned a lot and have sought out restaurants owned by past contestants.

Now that I have bared my soul and you know what I love, tell me what your guilty pleasures are. I’d love to hear about them!

(This post was is for day 9 at Write Alm.)








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    ha ha! love this. when the wee lass was in the nicu and i was recovering from an unexpected c section, i sat in a recliner in her room and watched housewives marathons. it was like watching a train wreck and yet, I COULD NOT TURN IT OFF!

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    Oh those housewives! I sit watching them with my mouth open at how incredibly vile they can be but it is compulsive once you start! I like me a bit of trashy TV but I have to throw in the odd documentary to prove to my husband that I still have a brain. The housewives make me feel like a thoroughly decent human being. I love cookery programmes…Masterchef and The Great British Bake-Off over here in the UK are my favourites! Have a great weekend! : )

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