Silence {Write Alm day 8}



One of the hardest thing to get used while Amanda is away at college is the silence in the house.  It isn’t like she was running around making mayhem, but it’s the noise of her being here that I miss. The clicking of her on her computer, her laughter as she plays with the dogs, the clattering of the dishes as she unloads the dishwasher (ok, so I miss having someone to do the dishes too…lol)  and just the general  noise of having another person in the house. I am not alone, however, I am married and at the moment we have three dogs. (Freyja is a guide-dog-in training and we are taking her back for her formal training on Saturday.)

My husband and I have a weird routine. He has his office where he works during the evening just off of the living room, and I am usually on the sofa with the computer or I am reading or knitting. We do our own things. It works, but sometimes it does make some evenings a little lonely.  It has taken quite a bit of time for me to become comfortable with the silence. Just when I think I am used to it, Amanda comes home for a while, brings her energy then leaves, making the silence more pronounced.

There is beauty in silence.  But Silence can also be a scary sound. It makes you think and sometimes you don’t want to think.  It is through that silence that I begun to find my voice again. I have been able to knit and read and focus on who it is that I am and how I can grow and bloom.  Bloom is my word for this year and I will write blog post on that this weekend.  :)


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    Jen says

    All right, that’s it. I insist you come up to knit and have coffee (or wine). (Or I come down there, either is fine – although if you come up by me, you’ll be thankful for the quiet at your house)

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    Your writing is beautiful. I must admit that my son leaving home fills me with dread even though it won’t be for a few years yet. But, you have given me faith that there might be something good that comes out of it even though I know I will miss him like crazy…thanks : )

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