Perlier Hand Lotion Gift Set, My Thoughts

One of my favorite gifts this Christmas was this  little set of nine lotions from Perlier, an Italian company.  In the US, you can purchase this line from the Home Shopping Network.  I have looked all over for this exact set, but it appears that they don’t this one any longer, but there are similar sets for you to try. This set has nine, 1.0 ounce tubes of  hand creams/lotions If what is available is any indication, the price point for this set is around $25.00.   I am very picky about my hand lotions. I always have one in my bag or somewhere around, but it never seems like I have found one that I will completely finish.  I have never been able to find one that doesn’t overwhelm me with fragrance or one that soaks in in a short amount of time.  I think my search has ended. I have tried each of these lotions and the fragrance is so light on each one that there isn’t one that I wouldn’t purchase as a full size.  Each one has different moisturizing properties, but each one soaks in quickly, leaving your skin very soft, but not greasy or tacky.

The set came in gold packaging.

Top of Perlier box

Top of Perlier box


Top of Perlier Box

Top of Perlier Box

When you open the box, you see nice little lotion tubes all lines up, nice and neat.

Nine little lotions all nice and neat.

Nine little lotions all nice and neat.

Agrumarium 100% Sicilian Citrus, Mediterranean Pomegranate & Bilberry Hand Balm,Double Latte Hand Milk Cream

Agrumarium 100% Sicilian Citrus, Melegrano Pomegranate  Hand Creme ,Double Latte Hand Milk Cream


Honey Smoothing Hand Creme, White Almond, Shea Butter Velvety Hand Cream with Vanilla Extract


Olivarium Hand Mask, Shea Butter with Lavender Extract, Shea Butter with Sweet Almond 

So far, my two favorites are the Olivarium and the Double Latte. I haven’t had a chance to use the other ones extensively as of yet, but I am sure I will get to them one by one. I will more than likely purchase some of the body lotion and shower/bath items as soon as I run out of the body butters I have from The Body Shop.  I would highly recommend this set or one that is similar as a good way to try out the brand  before you invest in the larger sizes.

*This set was gifted to me by my wonderful mother-in-law. I was in no way compensated for this review. The opinions are my own.*






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