What would I do if I won the Powerball?

Carol, has asked us what we would do if we won the Powerball. well, Here in no particular order is what I do. (I realize, the list isn’t filled with what I would buy, put my stream of consciousness of what I can predict what would happen. :)

1) Scream

2)When finished screaming, pass out.

3) Cry

4) Turn off the phone.

5) Turn the phone back on and call the parents.

6) Call a financial advisor and an attorney…or several.

7) Claim the money.

8) Pay off everything.

9) Give money to parents and siblings so they won’t have to work if they don’t want to.

10) Give money to our church, Southeastern Guide Dogs, and several other charities.


  1. 2


    I didn’t even think of what my emotional reactions would be; I’m pretty stoic so it would probably take a while to really process the feelings. We would, at some time, need to all get together.

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