Ten on Tuesday

Sonic Time! Best Iced Tea!

As it was a long weekend, today’s topic is Ten things I did over the Weekend. 1) Finished my run of knitted dishcloths.  They are easy and don’t require a lot of brainpower. 2) Read a lot. Loving my Kindle Paperweight for this. 3) Listened to The Spymistress by Jennifer Chaiverini. 4) Swam and spent […]

Save the Date!

The Night Before

No no no, I’m not planning a wedding..well, not yet, Amanda isn’t getting married for three years. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to host a Save the Date House Party for Houseparty.com. Save the Date is the latest release by my favorite author,  Mary Kay Andrews. I have read her books for years, and […]

Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner!!

We had a total of 28 comments/tweets and after putting it through Random.Org,  #12 came up so congratulations to KIM P.!   Kim, if you will email me at christy@kikimaconline.com  with your address, I will get these lovely ladies out to you this week! Thank you to everyone who entered. Make sure you follow my […]

A Weird Place

I think I need this for Freyja and Idunn.

Lately I have found myself in a weird place. I think it has to do with Amanda getting engaged and her deciding to stay in Gainesville for summer session and work.That had already been decided before the engagement, so the two things didn’t hit me at once. I don’t necessarily think  it’s the engagement either. […]

Pretty Happy Nails


Hi!  My name is Christy and I am a nail polish junkie. Actually, my daughter calls me a nail polish garden tool. (I’m sure you can figure it out..lol)   I don’t know how many bottles of polish that I have, but you can never have too many right?  (My husband will disagree, but what […]

You can lead a horse to water……

Pretty much sums it up.

But you can’t make him drink” “Up to my eyeballs in alligators.” ” I don’t have a dog in this fight”. “If you don’t behave, I’m going to snatch you bald headed!”  I realize that these sayings might be unfamiliar to those of y’all from ‘up North’, but I can’t tell you how many times […]

A Fast 48 Hours.

Iced tea by the pool.

It is that time of year in Florida where the weather is hit or miss. Some days it is in the low 80’s with low humidity and other days, it’s in the mid 80s with humidity so high that it feels like a wet blanket has been thrown over you the moment that you step […]